University Interscholastic League

Springlake-Earth participated in the following events at the disrict meet.

Accounting Current Issues and Events LD Debate Prose Interpretation
CX Team Debate Extemp Informative Literary Criticism Ready Writing
Calculator Applications Extemp Persuasive Number Sense Science
Computer Applications General Math One Act Play Spelling and Vocabulary
Computer Science Journalism Poetry Interpretation

UIL District Contests was March 28th at Petersburg High School and March 30th at Sudan High School.

UIL Regional Contests is April 14th at South Plains College in Levelland.

UIL State Contests is May 5-6 in Austin.


(The following was taken from the UIL High School Basketball Chamionships Souvenir Program, March 2000)

Purpose of UIL

The purpose of the UIL is to organize and properly supervise contests that assist in preparing students for citizenship. It aims to provide healthy, character building, educational activities carried out under rules providing for good sportsmanship and fair play for all participants.


The University Interscholastic Lague was created by the University of Texas at Austin to provide leadership and guidance to public school debate and athletic teachers. In 1909, with the approval of the Board of Regents, Dr. S. E. Mezes, president of the University of Texas, organized and formed the Extension Bureau. He also appointed Professor Charles Ramsdell to investigate the need for a high school athletic organization. After talking with public school officials, Professor Ramsdell suggested organizing an Interscholastic Athletic Association. The proposal was approved and the UIL's two parent organizaions - the Debate League of Texas and the Interscholastic Athletic Association - became operational.

In 1913, the Debating League and Athletic Association merged to form the University Interscholastic League, which was centered in the Bureau of Public School Services, then a part of the University of Texas Extension Division. Today, the UIL operates under the jurisdiction of the Vice-President for Administration at The University of Texas at Austin.

The UIL has grown into the largest interschool organization of its kind in the world, and is the envy of similar groups nationwide. The voluntary membership, non-profit organization exists to provide educational extracurricular academic, athletic, and music contests. The initials "UIL" have come to represent quality educational competition adminstered by school people on an amateur and equitable basis.

The largest

One out of every two high school seniors participates in a UIL contest prior to graduation.

Each year, almost two million students in grades two through twelve participate in one or more of the 36 literary and academic, five major music, and twelve athletic contest areas. Not only is the UIL the oldest state high school association of its kind in the world, it currently serves a larger geographic area, schedules a greater variety of contests, holds more meets, and enjoys a greater variety of contests, holds more meets, and ejoys a greater school membership than any similar organization in existence.

Under UIL direction, Texas fields more high school baseball, football, basketball, and track teams than any other state, and is second nationwide in volleyball team participation.

The UIL also conducts the largest competitive drama program in the world and sponsors the Interscholastic League Press Conference, the nation's largest state high school journalism association.

Best of all, participation in extracurricular activities is an educational bargain. In virtually every case, UIL activities account for less than one percent of each member school's budget. This includes equipment, supplies, transportation, coaches salaries and a portion of the utility bills. Fifty percent of the students at one percent of the budget! It is the best bargain in public school education today.

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